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Renewable Energy Workshops

Alternative and Renewable Energy Engineering Workshops

ComputerXplorers Renewable Energy Engineering Workshops are the perfect way to get children hands-on with a variety of sustainable, renewable and alternative forms of energy.

Our world's energy needs have become vast and increasingly complex - you have the power to prepare today's children for tomorrow's innovation and challenges.

This program combines junior engineering skills with electricity generation to allow children 8+ to understand the renewable energy solutions and how to use them wisely!

ComputerXplorers alternative and renewable energy workshops are the perfect way to re-energise your classroom and spark the imagination and curiosity in this key area.

Renewable Energy Workshop complements the Eco Schools agenda and your work towards green flag accreditation

  • Energy Education
    An introduction to energy to introduce students to forms of energy and its measurement
  • Alternative Energy
    Pupils build various models including Solar Power, Windmill and Watermill and fuel cell technology
  • Efficiency through construction
    Utilising the scientific method and engineering skills students understand the limitations that renewable energy poses.
  • The Energy Challenge
    Human power is utilised to develop power for a selection of renewable energy vehicles in a race.

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Our Renewable Energy Workshops programmes are available in and around the following regions: Camden, Barnet, Finchley, Hampstead, Hendon, Highgate, Mill Hill, Muswell Hill, Southgate, Whetstone, Potters Bar and North West London

Ages 8-12+
Duration Full day or half day workshops

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